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Highlight of yesterday was seeing and hearing an older stag bolving whilst chasing off a young potential suitor.
Having a sniff
Rounding his girls up
Started early
He's worn out already!
Plenty of hinds , yearlings and a few young stags.
Beautiful picture by Julie.
Everyone loves this bit
2 beautiful stags in Velvet
Lovely day out today with Mr Ford and family including relations over from New Zealand.  We had our own Baby Bear Grylls as well - smashing little chap.  We are just setting off on a blustery day here. Btw he has camo face paint on
Charity trip this pm for 2 lucky bidders in aid of N Devon hospice - the weather should come right 2ish !
Julies stunner of this lady
2 velvet beauties
Dominant hinds taking the calves to cover (my first ever pic)
Mums to be having a rest in the sun
Dave loving it
Good luck to the park authority and their partners who try and clear some of the American Signal Crayfish in the Barle starting today.These are a blight on our UK rivers an invasive species introduced that are slowly eradicating everything in their path .
Xmas vouchers now available details to follow
2 young guests who were a pleasure all day long
Bless them - what a nice thing to do
Sunday 19th June fathers day ! .Why not treat dad to a great day out on the moor . I am more than happy to stop out a bit later so dad can have a couple of pints on the way back -pm me for details-many thanks
This gives some idea of the Red Deers life cycle
By far the cutest pic taken yesterday.
She was sunbathing till we disturbed her
Some cracking stags here
Big boys looking over Challacombe.
Saw these in a new spot
Better grass tother side
Esthers and Colins lovely spring lambs
testing the fence
any spare change please
All afraid of heights I reckon -including me
Early part of the day before it came in misty
A sighting that was missed from bird week.  Heron can often be seen fishing on the shoreline at Lynmouth.
Just look at this grass munching beauty.
Door to Moor photographs of the wildlife as seen on trips, available now in canvas.  12'x12'  £20 -  16'x12'  £25 -   24'x16'  £40
Just a great day for us all
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just watching us in the Landy all quiet he wasn't bothered
Stunning young lad
trotting along
not phased
Roe buck chasing Doe these were across the valley and were playing for ages
All sorts of ages even a young prickett bottom left and what appears to be one with a deformed antler on the right
a crowd of youngsters apart from the stag at the back
One of the favourites taken on a tour of the moor.  It isn't often that you're on a perfect eye level with a beautiful Kestrel and it gives you the eye.
Brochures are here. I will be dropping them off over the next few days.Would anyone out there who I haven't spoken to like some ?
And my business cards
Being printed now
Frustrating awaiting Brochures still - but have the wheel cover at least
Lynton / Lynmouth cliff  railway. If you wish I will drop you at the top and pick you up down in Lynmouth - really interesting part of Lynton/ Lynmouth history. It costs about £2 p/p but well worth it and the views are amazing.

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