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Gallery // More pics from October trips

Mr and Mrs H start of a lovely day
Dressed for the moor
Fair stag with a few young ladys
Young stags -best buddies at the moment
Sent the hind to sleep
looking old
not a great pic - doing my best
He looks better now
Mr and Mrs H 3/4 through  the day at Tarr Steps
They were  all engrossed
Nice stag
He can smell us
We have been spotted
Mike April Barry and Linda.
A cold easterly
Big lad between his hinds and some young pretenders
Now that is a nice set!
Getting up tongue out.
A beaut
A tick maybe
Great body as well
Think my guests were enjoying this moment
This made the girls day
He wasn't bothered
Down wind but he was there for several minutes
Strolled off
40 yards
Thanks mate you are a beauty

Door to Moor

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