Exmoor National Park contains an extraordinary variety of wildlife and habitats. Grass and heather moorlands and peat-rich mires cover the hill tops and higher land with steeply incised wooded valleys carving through the moors. The moorland areas are internationally rare and particularly valuable for their expanses of heather, their blanket bogs, and they support a variety of Wildlife

The valley woodlands are mostly ancient semi-natural Oak woods, also of international significance supporting specialist woodland birds such as the pied flycatcher and redstart which are in sharp decline elsewhere. Cool, shady and moist with clear streams they offer perfect conditions for an abundance of lichens, ferns and mosses.

Wild red deer are found throughout Exmoor and there are plenty of opportunities to see them in the wild. Many herds can be seen including the magnificent stags. We will also see some of the famous Exmoor ponies during the day. Highland cattle also roam the moor. There are plenty of Birds to be seen during the day with an abundance of birds of prey to be seen as well as the many species of moorland dwellers. Please note these animals are mostly wild and we will do our best to find them without disturbing them.

Here are a selection of stunning pictures taken by local photographer Julie Wicks during Door to Moor tours. She captures the wildlife perfectly! Please enquire if you would like Julie to come along to capture your day

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